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Decisions (#2) and Actions (#3) are the areas where Engaged Action Training℠ Strategies make the “Difference” and produce Optimal Results for your business.

#2 Decisions Are Made

Decisions result from rapid and complex probability calculations in brain cells called neurons. Studies have shown that the brain can make a decision in as little as 50 milliseconds. One of the reasons for poor decision making.

The information the brain uses for decision making is influenced by internal and external factors, which include the decision maker’s: current environment, emotional state, life experiences, and beliefs, to name a few.

Influences should be used as a guide, but they are no match for logic and assessment when it comes to making business decisions. If you want your team to make better decisions they need strategies designed to take the weight that influences have and shift it towards logic and assessment. This allows that person to combine their experience with critical thinking to produce optimum solutions in everyday problem solving.

#3 Actions Are Taken

Actions are effectively directed by a plan that is based on the decisions of the person taking the action or someone else. Assuming the decision is an optimal one, then the next concern is whether or not they have the Soft Skills to continue that plan when faced with challenges.

There’s a good chance your organization has a team that understands the mechanics of their jobs, also known as Hard Skills. This could be an accountant, vice-president, engineer, salesperson, or warehouse manager. It doesn’t matter because none of those positions are immune to business problems, distractions or the need to innovate when necessary.

Studies have shown that productivity losses have more to do with communication and leadership than apathy, laziness, and an unskilled workforce. That is why Soft Skills training is so important. The ability to problem solve, communicate, lead, and resolve conflict are the difference makers when it comes to business growth.

Giving your team the tools necessary to do the job is only part of the equation...

Empowering them with the ability to make better decisions at the most critical junctures is a game changer for any business.

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