Adapting Cognitive Skills for Optimum Business Performance
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Optimum Point Performance

A Neuroscience Based Business Strategy

There is a direct relationship between peak performance and optimum decision making…

Optimum Point Performance™ integrates cognitive principles with transferable techniques to optimize your organization’s decision accuracy at critical points. Training can be adapted to your current programs or choose from the solutions below:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Engaged Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sales Success
  • Customer Service
  • Innovation Insight
  • Time Management

Research has shown that the time difference between a “bad” decision and a “good” decision can be as little as 50 milliseconds.

Humans Optimize Decision-Making by Delaying Decision Onset
Tobias Teichert, Vincent P. Ferrera, Jack Grinband 2014


“On average, the observed 50 ms delay of decision onset alone would have accounted for an estimated 75% of the observed improvement in response accuracy while incurring only 31% of the cost in the form of longer response latencies.”

Consumers Can Make Decisions In… 1/3 Of A Second
M. Milosavljevic, C. Koch, A. Rangel
Judgment and Decision Making, 2011


“We make hundreds of decisions every day, many of them extremely quick and without much explicit deliberation.
1. What is the minimum time required to make choices with above chance accuracy?
2. What is the impact of additional decision-making time on choice accuracy?”

Why choose Optimum Point Performance™ Training:

  1. Shortened training cycles = reduced costs.
  2. Successful development at all skill levels.
  3. No extra resources needed to implement.
  4. Adaptable to existing training programs.
  5. Real results within 30 days, guaranteed.*

*GUARANTEE: If within 30 days you are not satisfied with the results of Optimum Point Performance™ Training, the options will be: 1) Full refund, less traveling expenses. OR 2) Retraining at no cost to you. OR 3) A credit for another training service we offer.

To learn more about Optimum Point Performance™ or to schedule a meeting, please contact us at 813-451-3637 or 813-773-3451 (during normal business hours – EST) or use the inquiry form.

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