Joe Fedison Speaker Packet

Joe Fedison Speaker Packet

Joe Fedison: Speaker Packet

A Neuroscience-based Business Strategy.

Training and workshops that work with the brain, instead of against it.

Offered exclusively by Joe Fedison through Engaged Action Training™.


All workshops are based on neuroscience discoveries and are delivered in an entertaining learning environment. Distractions, conflict, and unplanned challenges are productivity inhibitors. In order to perform at an optimum level your team needs the skills to influence their environment when it becomes counterproductive to their goals. Optimum Point Performance™ will empower you and your team to produce consistent results in an ever changing, diverse world.

• Apply Executive Influence
As a leader, being able to influence outcomes really means being able to influence people. But why is this so tough? Two executives can use the same technique and get completely different results. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how much you want something to change if the other person is not on board. Reasons can range from the logical, to the emotional, to the subconscious – where people don’t even know why you aren’t effective with them.

• Develop Future Leaders
Company expansion, job-hopping and retirement are enough reasons to have a solid program in place to develop future leaders. It’s not just a time for renewal, it is also an opportunity to give the new guard a set of brain-based leadership skills that will take your company to the next level. This workshop will give future leaders the skills and insights to:

  • Make Optimum decisions when they count the most.
  • Handle difficult situations effectively by consciously managing how their brain processes information.
  • Turn on creative thinking and problem solving to innovate and move your organization forward.

• Grow Customer Experience
Customer’s process their experiences based on how they perceive and interpret the interaction with your company. That data is then matched against their past experiences, personal biases and beliefs. Lastly, don’t forget about the emotion that is added to this “new” customer experience. There is a lot of areas where your company can fail. That is why you need a team trained on how to guide that experience every step of the way, from the first sensory input to the final emotional feeling about your products or services.

• Handle Difficult People
“A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” Benjamin Franklin.
Difficult people are not just on your team, they show up as vendors, stakeholders, customers, regulators, etc. Growing up in a contentious environment I always tried to prove my point, but I learned that being right doesn’t always get what you want. People have reasons for being difficult, whether logical or not. Your team needs strategies that can bridge those reasons with what your organization’s goals. There is only one solution that makes sense – learn how to handle them. Not in a way that causes animosity or frustration. You need to use strategies and techniques that make it so difficult situations turn into mutual understanding and agreement.

• Influence Team Productivity
You can increase productivity dramatically without adding any additional resources or increasing workloads. There are 3 main areas where you could boost productivity immediately: poor decisions/mistakes, threat responses, and conflict. Combined they account for over 50% of the productivity loss in your company. Specific Optimum Point Performance™ Strategies will quickly and effectively change the outcomes and produce better results within the work structure you have right now.


Lauren Davenport, CEO
The Symphony Agency

“After being highly recommended by a colleague, we hired Joe Fedison. The team loved it! He is a dynamic speaker and does a great job of engaging all types of learners.”

Kartik Bhavsar, PHD
Lockheed Martin Mission Sys. & SCORE

“Joe has a very engaging style that blends humor and great content to inspire trainees to walk away from training motivated to take action and achieve their goals. He is passionate, personable, and highly ethical.”

Mike Cicali, GIS Admin
FAA William J Hughes Technical Center

“Outstanding presentation outlining many practical ways of moving through self imposed and external obstacles! I was very impressed how Joe taught so many of these barrier breaking techniques.”

Bill Wagner, President
PMI – Suncoast Chapter

“Joe provided more of a tutorial on why we do what we do and it helped me understand how that impacts my “soft skills” and “emotional intelligence”. I hope to see Joe again at a future event.”

Bio & Contact
JOE FEDISON: Trainer, Coach, & Neuro-strategist
  • University of Rochester (Rochester, NY): Optics Engineering
  • Simon Business School (Rochester, NY): Personnel Mgmt Cert
  • Harvard-X (Cambridge, MA): Fundamentals of Neuroscience
  • SCORE Business Mentor (Cherry Hill, NJ):

Leadership Development, Course Creation, Coaching, Training, Customer Experience, C-Level Background, Business Development, and Sales Management.

* Based in Tampa, FL.


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