Adapting Cognitive Skills for Optimum Business Performance
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Productivity Influence Workshop

“There’s never enough time to do it right, but there’s always enough time to do it over.” Jack Bergman

Focus: Business Strategy/Professional Development

An entire segment of business management tools have been devoted to productivity. Just search “productivity apps” and Google returns over 1.5 million results. Oddly, most of these tools were not around when productivity was higher. There is one area that dramatically affects productivity and is constantly overlooked, it is how the brain actually processes information and how that processing influences outcomes. Joe Fedison Optimum Point PerformanceThe goal of this workshop is to learn neuroscience-based business strategies that will increase productivity.

Over the last 2 decades there has been an explosion of breakthrough findings in the field of neuroscience. It’s due to the fact that researchers have multiple tools to see what is going on inside the brain and mapping it in real time. This and other research has opened the door to a field of training that integrates neuroscience data into new and traditional business strategies. “Productivity Influence” is one of those strategies.

Google, Adobe, GAP, Microsoft and Intel are just a few of the companies actively training their teams based on neuroscience. One major benefit of applying neuroscience-based strategies is they don’t require additional resources, therefore company budgets and time constraints are not a factor.

Driving organizational success comes down to a company’s ability to get their team to respond optimally when it counts the most. This workshop is designed to deliver the tools necessary to positively influence productivity.

Workshop attendees will:

  • Get a basic overview of how the brain works.
  • Learn how leadership presence affects group productivity.
  • Be able to maximize productivity based on the brain’s limited energy.
  • Learn how the cycle of stress is intimately related to productivity.
  • Understand how the brain overrides and influences conscious decision making.
  • Know how to redirect a potential “emotional” response to a “rational” response.
  • Learn about the brain’s threat response and how to avoid this productivity inhibitor.
  • Be able to influence better outcomes from individuals to increase productivity.

Joe Fedison: Trainer, Coach, & Neuro-strategist

  • University of Rochester (Rochester, NY): Optics Engineering
  • Simon Business School (Rochester, NY): Personnel Management Certificate
  • Harvard-X (Cambridge, MA): Fundamentals of Neuroscience
  • SCORE Business Mentor (Cherry Hill, NJ): Business Mentor & Trainer

Over 25 years of experience: Leadership Development, Course Creation, Coaching, Training, Customer Experience, Business Development, C-Level Background, and Sales Management.

Joe Fedison has dedicated his life to mastering effective communication techniques. His greatest attribute is the ability to get people to take action instantly in the direction of the goals they want to achieve. He was introduced to neuroscience in 2012 and that’s when everything fell into place. The science shed light on why certain strategies worked and why others didn’t. Armed with this knowledge Joe now creates workshops and online courses designed to work with the brain instead of against it.

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