Adapting Cognitive Skills for Optimum Business Performance
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Distractions, conflicts, and unplanned challenges are productivity inhibitors. In order to perform at an optimum level your team needs the skills to influence their environment when it becomes counterproductive to their goals. Optimum Point Performance™ will empower you and your team to produce consistent results in an ever changing, diverse world.
Choose a topic and discover, in just 15 minutes, how Optimum Point Performance™ can be the difference maker.

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Executive Influence

  • Adapt effectively to influence outcomes.
  • Guide, motivate and modulate team behavior.
  • Instill buy-in of goals, change and innovation.

Future Leaders

  • Rewire the brain from follower to leader.
  • Communicate within the brain’s framework.
  • Learn internal motivations that drive outcomes.

Customer Experience

  • Develop, in them, an authentic experience.
  • Apply neuroscience to the sales process.
  • Avoid triggering the brain’s threat response.

Difficult People

  • Consciously adapt to human nature.
  • Apply strategies that redirect internal focus.
  • Modulate your own emotions throughout.


  • Understand how the brain’s default processing inhibits productivity.
  • Learn strategies that will overcome those inhibitors and increase productivity.

Understanding how the brain works allows your team to adapt and deliver optimum responses that will drive organizational success.

Optimum Point Performance™ is a proprietary, neuroscience based strategy developed by Engaged Action Training℠.

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