Adapting Cognitive Skills for Optimum Business Performance
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Lunch & Learns

Engaged Action Training℠ Lunch & Learns are a great way to provide your team with cutting edge training in a positive, informal environment. Since it is during lunch you can limit “down time” and it can be held in an auditorium, cafeteria, or a conference room.

Focus, Insight, & Innovation

Rapid Conflict Resolution

Stress-Less Communication

Optimum Time Management

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If you would like to learn more about Engaged Action Training℠ Lunch & Learns, please call 813-451-3637 during normal business hours (EST) or use the inquiry form.

Executive Training and Coaching

Brain-friendly strategies based on neuroscience breakthroughs and applied to everyday business. One fee: $495 for up to 20 people.

These strategies and others are available for half-day and full-day training workshops, added as a “layer” to existing training programs, or facilitated as one-on-one coaching programs. Learn more.

Training Facilitators


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