Adapting Cognitive Skills for Optimum Business Performance
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Productivity for 2017 – Optimize Performance

Distractions, conflicts, and unplanned challenges are productivity inhibitors. In order to perform at an optimum level, your team needs the skills to influence their environment when it becomes counterproductive to their goals. That is what our training focuses on.

FOCUS, INSIGHT, & INNOVATION – Hacking your brain for better solutions

Your ability to overcome seemingly, impossible challenges is directly related to your ability to recognize insights… sometimes innovation is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. This class will increase your ability to detect problem solving insights. Download pdf

RAPID CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Collapse differences & create options

Conflict in the workplace can be debilitating for the individual as well as the organization. Different backgrounds, communication styles, and beliefs play a big part. Understanding how the brain processes information is the key to resolving conflict quickly and effectively. Download pdf

STRESS-LESS COMMUNICATION – Enhance your culture & performance

Poor communication skills and not understanding the effect your choice of words will have on people are key causes of stress in the workplace. Clear and honest communication, delivered professionally, is a solution that uses very little resources and delivers huge returns. Download pdf

OPTIMUM TIME MANAGEMENT – Capitalize on your brain’s priorities

Doing too much at one time, difficulty prioritizing and procrastination are among the top reasons for time management breakdowns. Understanding how the brain allocates resources allows you to manipulate your schedule to achieve an optimum daily productivity. Download pdf

Brain-friendly strategies based on neuroscience breakthroughs and applied to everyday business. One fee: $495 for up to 20 people. Learn More

These strategies and others are available for half-day and full-day training workshops, added as a “layer” to existing training programs, or facilitated as one-on-one coaching programs. Learn more.

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